Tender love and care

Recovery room nurses tend to a patient after surgery to correct a cleft palate.

Surgery day

Parents wait for the anesthesiologist to prep their daughter for eye surgery.

Twin sisters

Charge nurse Tina Chittenden and her twin sister Nita Mirsky work in the operating room.

Surgical candidate

Post-op nurse Richard Schneider looks at the burned hand of a young boy.

Working in the rice paddies

A lone farmer and his water buffalo prepare the paddy for planting.

A dreary evening

A light drizzle falls as the sun sets in Bac Kan.

Happily ever after

A young bride and groom drive through the crowded Hanoi streets.

A slow shopping day

A shopkeeper appears to daydream as she waits for customers.

Made by the swipe of a dragon's tail

The water is as calm as glass in Halong Bay.

It takes a village

The Project Vietnam Foundation Primary Care team.

Clean your teeth

Christy Armstrong uses a puppet to show how to brush properly.

Reading the eye chart

A PVNF volunteer shows an elderly woman how to read the eye chart.

Part of the process

Members of a Vietnamese village gather to sign up for a free health screening.

It won't hurt a bit

A dentist and assistant perform a dental procedure.

It can't be fresher

In the public market, a woman chops fresh fish to order.

A stitch in time

Dr. Tinny Dinh sutures during eye surgery while Dr. Edward Kravitz looks on.