Larissa Bahr's Blog

March 5, 2011

A new experience

A Drizzly Day in VietnamEven on a grey, drizzly day in Vietnam, some opt for the more fuel-friendly four-legged transportation. Photo by Larissa Bahr

Being in Vietnam has definitely been a different experience. I am so curious about the people and things I see. It feels as if I’m stepping into a movie. The people, the scenery, the smell, the sounds…it is all different.

The language barrier has been a challenge but I feel as if I still connect with Vietnamese people around me. I was even able to look outside and meet peoples’ eyes through the window when traveling on the bus. There would be a smile, a wave or just a nod and it would create a connection. They are just as curious about me as I am about them. I have to wonder what their story is. What are their hopes and dreams? Who are they on the inside?

This trip also has me reflecting upon myself. While I’m documenting these peoples’ lives, they are slowly changing mine. I see the poverty and the way they live and it makes me think of my home and all of the comforts I have. I am so fortunate to be able to afford coming out here and seeing this. So many of these people have been here their entire lives and aren’t able to have the same experience I’m having now.

Today I was in the surgery unit and saw parents lined up with their children as they hoped for recovery. Seeing their faces, their hope, their journey was definitely something worthwhile to experience.